No two humans, regardless of their origin and evolution, can ever be identical. In a world of 6 billion people, not a single one of us is a duplicate.

Scientists call this DNA, that double helix that our genes are made of. Our hair, saliva, even our sun burnt skin tells the unique story of our beginnings on this earth.

Scientists can unlock the history of our lives and even our parent's lives by simply analysing our bodily belongings under a microscope. The science of DNA has always fascinated me.


The microscope however was never the canvas I yearned to work with. And so, from an early age, I set out to recreate my own story using paint and a brush. Each stroke tells my story. From the young girl growing up in Bogota, Colombia to the teenager who gave it all up to pursue her dreams in the United States.


My hands have worked with more than just paint. I studied culinary arts and to this day still find solace in the kitchen. I also received a degree in entertainment management. Painting has always been the bridge connecting my past and present.

The speed and adreniline in which I chose to live my life is often exhibited in my works. Just like my bodily DNA can be traced back to my parents, my artistic DNA can be traced back to greats like Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky. While his work appears abstract at first glance, closer examination reveals a beautiful architecture. His was a story naked for all to see, but yet easily overlooked. Through my work, I invite you to trace my life back to it's origin and reflect on what your life would look like if expressed on a canvas.