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Since childhood my pictures were always marked by a deep social awareness and a sensitivity. Each piece of art has a more in-depth meaning. In order to create a piece I always need an inspiration and through each interview with my clients, I am able to capture situations, emotions and feelings that lead me to create a unique story in each piece. Each art piece has immersed details that when one looks at it from far it goes unnoticed. Ihave always thought my art must contribute to achieve a change in the world and what a better way to transform all those paradigms in life and make them all positive, from black to white and white into black.

Education is the basis for the development of human beings and it was precisely for this reason that I decided that my art would help particularly children in their health, growth and education. Rescuing values that todayI feel have been lost in our society.

Admiration is something that touched my life at an early age. learning from the great ones, listening to interviews, reading and researching. I was able to want to go beyond and now see, I have succeeded in having children see me as an inspiration. This is how Vh1 touched my heart and I decided to accept their request, to collaborate with musical artist, JBalvin and create a piece that would inspire children with various problems in their search for a dream.

Organizations that help children and youth in countries such as Colombia have been a driving force in my life. I've created murals and paintings with a hint of Disney elements and motivational sentences with color and life to achieve the dream and desire to continue to live. I fully see Art as a means of changing lives and an instrument to rescue people from sadness, poverty, violence, loneliness, and most importantly the lack of faith. Art motivates, art is love..