Natural Disaster


2017, In the middle of a strange situation "IRMA" was all I heard. Hours later a hurricane, category 5, high speed, its coming. First time experiencing what a hurricane alert is. In every single store there where lines of people, the energy was strong, chaos came into my head seeing people react as if the world would end. I was calm, but my inside was in a SHOCK mode. Being at home made me realize that I was going to see for the first time a natural disaster, I was counting the hours...that days, it was the most beautiful day, calm, peaceful, and beauty was all I saw. No cars, no drama, no chaos, everybody was waiting for IRMA to arrived. Thankfully, we were very lucky that it only ended up being a strong tropical storm. So strong that the next day I felt very sad, pain overall I felt bad for nature, I was mad at humanity! I drove around the city and all I saw was disaster and not from the hurricane. After this experience I guess I realized we are insignificant towards nature. "Nature doesn't belong to us, we belong to it".

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Details of Art

  • Artist : Sabrina Yanguas
  • Year : 2017
  • Media : Acrylic on Canvas

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